Where Do We Put The Peloton?


Where do we put the Peloton? If I heard it once in 2020, I heard it a thousand times.  Chalk it up to COVID-19 and the explosion of at-home fitness- if you're out buying a home, you're probably trying to figure out where you're going to go to get your sweat on.

Of course, home gyms have been around forever- and we all know that Peloton isn't the only game in town- but check out the graphic below, courtesy of Statista:



Home fitness is where it's at for millions of Americans, and for those that are making the effort- and taking on the expense- of buying a new home, figuring out where to get the fitness done is of optimal importance.  Here's where I've been seeing the Pelotons hanging out over the past few months:

Primary Bedrooms- Not surprising to see the Peloton hanging out in the primary (owner's) bedroom, especially in smaller condominiums or townhomes.  In many cases, it becomes the telltale sign that a seller has outgrown their home.  After all, if you need to put your exercise equipment next to your bed, it is likely that you are in need of more space. 

Secondary Bedrooms- If you're not using all of your bedrooms for sleep-related purposes, no reason not to turn one in to a home gym.  Let's face it, it's unlikely that a guest has been sleeping in your guest bedroom this year.

Bathrooms- It's not often, but I've actually seen Pelotons in bathrooms.  Yes, it takes a big bathroom, but there are people out there sweating it out in their bathroom.  Good for them.

Finished Basements- Ah, the finished basement, perfect home for all your ancillary activities!  This is the most popular destination, as one my guess.  Also, a warning, as basements are also where all fads go to die!  

Unfinished Basement- Nothing like a creepy unfinished basement to help get motivated.  Many homes just don't have that extra space needed for home exercise, and the unfinished basement is the place that the magic has to happen.

Shed- This is definitely an indication that it might be time for a new house.  I have seen Pelotons in sheds.  Not the prettiest sight, but it gets the job done.

Most homes weren't built with pandemics in mind, and obviously (hopefully!) what we're currently living through is not a long term way of life.  That being said, the explosion of Pelotons at home and the coming Apple Fitness product will continue to further this growing trend.  What we all expect from our homes will evolve, and what our homes can actually deliver will be limited.  I'm looking forward to seeing what's to come, and am eager to take note of the "Where do we put our peloton" type quote of 2021.



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